Customized MACBOOK

Take advantage of one of our best sellers. White and orange MACBOOK, with a 120 GB SSD and the latest OS. It comes with 4 GIGS of ram, Office 2011 and charger. This computer boots up in less then 45 seconds. Covered with a warranty of 90 days.

Price : $250


This MACBOOK is almost new with no scratches or dents on the case. It has an Intel core duo with 8 GIGS of RAM, WEB cam and HDMI ports. This MacBook is from 2017 and it is still under warranty. Contact us for any questions. All sale are final

Price : $580

MACBOOK Air 12.1" Intel i5 2015

This MacBook air is in Excellent conditions. It has an Intel i5 with 4 GIGS of ram and 256 GB of Hard drive space.

Price : $500

MACBOOK Pro 2011

This MACBOOK Pro is used from 2011 and its also in very good shape. It come's with an Intel i5 2.4GHz and a 128 GB SSD Hard drive. It has 3 months of warranty and 4 GIGs of ram. It does have some small scratches and dents on the lid but this does not affect the functionality of the laptop. Contact us if you have any questions. At

Price : $400.00